Never Again

This piece depicts an Emaciated people, caught in a very BAD, evil time, unable to escape the atrocities and the BONDAGE, that were forced upon them by the Nazi's during the Holocaust.

The colors I used indicate:  

  • White:  Purity
  • Black:  BONDAGE, Famine, Death and Mourning
  • Red:  Cruelty and Bloodshed.

The barbed wire signifies that they could not escape from this BONDAGE.

The numbers down the side were tattooed on them, as well as the shaving of their heads, were both used to dehumanize them.

The number Three (3) to the Jewish people means Holiness, as depicted by the Three (3) tacks at the bottom of the piece.  It also signifies the Three (3) prayers that they said Daily.  They believed in a better future, even though they were going through such atrocities.

The wax dripping down the side, symbolizes the TEARS that were shed.

May we as a people NEVER AGAIN allow such atrocities and BONDAGE to occur.


Never Alone

This Encaustic piece is representative of a woman battling Breast Cancer. Her dress is pink to represent "Our" color Pink. Her Hair is exaggerated, to indicate she is wearing a wig after Chemotherapy.

She has No Face, to indicate she represents all Women that are Battling this Disease. The title of my painting is "Never Alone".  I chose this title, because when I found out I had Breast Cancer in 2008, I felt I was so Alone, and I didn't want another woman to ever feel that way again.

You are NOT Alone when you receive that diagnosis.  There is a team of Doctors, Nurses, and other women and men that have gone before you.  They are there for YOU.   It is a Battle, a Fight, but with the Help of others, it can and will be Fought and Won.  

I am a Survivor of Breast Cancer, and I Thank God and Those Great Men and Women that were there for Me. They are there for each and every one of us, and our families.

Please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else---We are a family, a family of SURVIVORS.

Golden Veil

The Piece is about "Widowhood".  It represents my Journey through the grieving process, of losing my husband in December of 2010. It symbolizes a "Rising Out of the Ashes and an Emerging into a New Life".

My Art has helped me cope with this Journey, and it is my Hope, that I in turn can help others that are going through their own journey.  

There IS a Light at the End of the Tunnel.  Help others and you will find it waiting for you.